The OSC requested comments on its proposals to introduce a new No-Contest Settlement program whereby those accused of breaching securities law could consent to a settlement of the allegations “without admitting or denying” any wrongdoing. The Emerson Advisory comment letter acknowledged the benefits of additional remedies for the OSC’s enforcement arsenal to protect investors and to foster fair and efficient capital markets. Concerns to be addressed included: (1) what are the principles and standards to be applied in approving No-Contest Settlements negotiated by the OSC staff?; (2) should it be required that, in addition to being “in the public interest”, the settlement should be objectively fair, reasonable and adequate to the public?; (3) should No-Contest Settlements be approved where there is a reasonable expectation that the settlement would adversely affect the rights of investors who have suffered loss to seek redress in civil actions?; (4) as the OSC is a multi-functional integrated agency that investigates, prosecutes and judges securities violations, should No-Contest Settlements be approved by an independent administrative authority?; and (5) are the policies, processes and procedures of the OSC concerning the administration of No-Contest Settlements clear, open, public and transparent?

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